About Rolling Cinema

…a mobile cinema and workshops for people with refugee background on the Balkans, Greece and on the Greek Islands! We’ll be showing non-verbal films without age-restrictions. In connection with the screenings, we are offering workshops (e.g. Screenprinting) and an open space for encounters and exchange. For the project, we will be collaborating with various local oganizations.
Our Cinema works independendly! We bring a big heated and chaired tent (6x12m) for the Screenings, as well as all needed power sources and equipment. Same counts for our workshops, which can be held inside or outside.

Until now, there are more than 60.000 people waiting for their decisions on asylum and therefore they are stuck in hopelessly overcrowded, so-called camps. Life in those places is precarious, dull and lacks of perspectives, the conditions and infrastructure at those camps are often terrible. We aim to create a short possibility to get away from this sinister daily life.

…from January until April 2020, we will be travelling with our trucks to various camps and are going to set-up our tent nearby. We expect to stay around one week at each place.

We work voluntarily and with a lot of help of friends and donators, who support us mentally, financially and with contributions in kind.
We are not interested in gaining money with this project, as we raise it out of our personal interests and beliefs.