update about our current situation

First of all, we are sorry that we did not publish anything since weeks.

After Serres we have also been to Sindos, Diawata, Samos and Vaioghori.
We try to continue reporting these issues the following week.

The last spot where we put up the tent was Vaioghori. Sadly, we just could make cinema and workhops once before we were forced to put down the tent due to the coronna crisis.

After that, the bigger part of our crew was travelling home during the last to weeks.
We had a forced stay in romania due the closed borders of hungary.
After a lot of telefon calls and organizing stuff the german embassy in timisoara put us on a list, which made it possible to pass hungary yesterday. We could pass without leaving the highway. By now all people of „bigger part of the crew“ should be in their homecountries.

BUT there is still a small part of our group in greece, who was/is not able to cross any border, 2 days after the first group left greece.